2019 New Buffalo Harvest and Wine

Farmers Market & Retail Vendor Application

Saturday October 12, 2019

Lions Pavilion Park

Noon- 9PM - $5 Admission

For application questions, please contact: Pat Buckley at (773) 726-8202 or pat@oairevents.com

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Equipment Rental
Electricity: If additional electricity is required, it MUST be purchased from the Event — personal generators, for mobile units only, are acceptable. Desired space is not guaranteed. Please list the items that will be using electricity. (Be specific)
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I agree to the terms and conditions below.

No Vendors may sell alcoholic beverages. Only Food Vendors may sell non-alcoholic beverages

Menu items are NOT ALLOWED to be changed once the application has been filed.

Novelty items (i.e. t-shirts, etc) may not be sold in booths

Each year various food and beverage sponsors support this event. We reserve the right to dictate which products will be served. Vendors will be notified as sponsors commit to this event. No non-sponsored beverages may be served or sold. Violations will result in cancellation of contract and loss of space and all fees paid.

Applications MUST be submitted with full payment prior to event. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. All payments will be processed regardless of your status of acceptance into festival.

Electricity: If additional electricity is required, it MUST be purchased from the Event — personal generators, for mobile units only, are acceptable. Desired space is not guaranteed.

Application and Insurance Checklist

Materials Required:

Your application will NOT be processed without the following information:

  • Read all Terms & Conditions

  • Complete and SIGN festival application

  • Enclose full payment (space fees)

  • Enclose Certificate of Insurance as stated below

* Insurance is required for all food vendors. Insurance certificates MUST be submitted with application.

The below information MUST be included on the insurance certificate. Descriptions MUST read: Participation in The New Buffalo Harvest and Wine Festival on October 12th, 2019 in Lions Pavilion Park in New Buffalo, MI. 

Additional Insured Named: New Buffalo Business Association and Open Air Events, LLC

Terms & Conditions

The undersigned (the “Participant”) hereby submits its application for on-site rights at New Buffalo Harvest and Wine Festival (the “Event”) to be held October 12, 2019 in Lions Pavilion Park NEW BUFFALO, MI. By submitting this application the Participant acknowledges that its application may be accepted or rejected by Open Air Events (the “Producer”) in the exercise of its sole discretion and that, if its application is accepted, its participation will be subject to the terms and conditions contained herein.


The Event will take place Lion Pavilion Park in New Buffalo, MI.  If the Participant’s application is accepted by the Producer, the Participant agrees to remain open for business the entire schedule times and dates applied for in this application. The Event will remain open regardless of weather conditions, although operations may be suspended during severe weather. The Participant desires to participate in the Event by providing arts and crafts, food, non-alcoholic beverages, other merchandise for sale, or to showcase services to the general public. If the Participant is accepted the Participant agrees to sell only those items listed on the application. No other merchandise will be permitted without prior written consent of the Producer. The Participant agrees not to sell or distribute merchandise that includes the event logo without prior written consent from the Producer.

Contract Cancellation

Open Air Events (Producer) has the right to control all aspects of the Event. The Participant agrees to conduct its business in a manner that is most likely to enhance the success of the Event and the reputation of the Producer and its Sponsors. The Producer reserves the right to cancel a vendor contract at any time for the good of the festival, by its sole discretion or by the direction of its clients. Any cancellations by the Producer will be refunded if vendor has followed the rules and regulations. Cancellation or suspension because of lack of proper city, county, or state licensing or failure to meet or maintain guidelines stated within will not be eligible for refunds.

Set-up & Tear Down

Each Participant is responsible for setup, take down, and clean up of his/her space. Vehicles are allowed within the festival grounds only for setup prior to the event and tear down once the festival closes. The Participant shall remove all vehicles and other items in conjunction with setting up for the Event at least one (1) hour prior to the Event’s start time. Participants will be notified when it is safe to bring their vehicle into the grounds. Load-in/set-up times are provided in the confirmation letter sent to you prior to the Event. You must remove your vehicle immediately after unloading your merchandise to designated parking areas.


The Participant will be solely responsible for the appearance of its space. The Participant shall be ready to operate its business by Noon on the 12th. 

The Participant shall maintain its space in a neat, clean, and sanitary condition during the event and shall dispose of all trash produced.

Trash receptacles will be throughout the event space however bags will not be provided. Each vendor must provide necessary trash receptacles and bags for garbage inside the booth. Trash (in bags) will be picked up from the booths. All garbage left un-bagged will be subject to a fine of a $100 and/or loss of vending privileges. Sidewalks must be left unobstructed unless otherwise indicated.

• Unless otherwise specified, running water is NOT provided.

• The Producer limits the playing of recorded or live music in your booth. All music must be pre-approved.

• Drilling in the event grounds is not permitted. Violators will be subject to a fine of $200 and/or space cancellation by The Producer. You are directly responsible for any city violated ordinances and fines.

• Vendors and their employees must maintain the highest degree of professionalism in their booths and on event grounds at all times.

Application Processing

Only those applications submitted on or before September 20, 2019 and accompanied by payment in full of the applicable entry fees shall be considered. The Producer will complete and submit all appropriate licenses for this application. The Producer shall notify the Participant whether its application has been accepted or rejected by September 23, 2019. In the event the Participant’s application has been rejected, the entry fee will be refunded. The Producer does not guarantee exclusivity to any Participant, nor has the Participant relied on any representation or guarantee of the Producer regarding the revenues to be generated by the Participant.

If the Participant’s application is accepted, the Participant may be assigned a space within the Event with the approximate square footage of 10 feet by 10 feet. Additional space may be made available by the Producer on receipt of the Participant’s application, at an additional cost to be determined by the Producer. The location of the Participant’s space within the Event, shall be determined by the Producer, in the exercise of its sole discretion. The Participant agrees to accept the space as designed by the Producer. The Participant agrees to conduct its business only within the space assigned by the Producer.


The Participant shall comply with all local, federal, state, and municipal laws and ordinances in the operation of its booth during the Event and shall ensure its merchandise against loss by theft or damage. The NBBA, its employees, officers, directors, and members, The City of New Buffalo, related festival providers of goods and services, or any participating sponsor will NOT be responsible for any injury, loss, or damage that may occur to the vendor, or to the vendor’s employees or property from any cause whatsoever prior to, during, or subsequent to the period covered by the vending contract. The participant signing this contract further agrees to indemnify and hold The NBBA or the City of New Buffalo, its employees, officers, directors, and members harmless, from and against, any and all claims for personal injury, loss by theft or damage, whether to the Participant, its agents or employees or any third party, caused in part or in whole by the participation of the Participant in the Event.

Refund Process

Event cancellation due to inclement or acts of god will not result in a refund of your fees.   Cancellations made after September 30, 2019 (including day of event), will NOT be entitled to a refund. All denied applications will receive a full refund. Vendors will be charged $30 for a returned check and cancellation of contract may result for charges submitted and returned as insufficient funds. All refund checks will be made out to the account holder listed on the initial payment, unless specified otherwise.

The above-mentioned participant hereby submits this application for participation in NEW BUFFALO HARVEST AND WINE FESTIVAL. By submitting this application, the Participant has read and agrees to all the terms and conditions contained in each page of the agreement. Please keep a copy of this application for your records.